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The PIWS 3000 Mobile unit

The PIWS 3000 Mobile unit

PIWS is in the business of providing cutting-edge technology for the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of medical and clinical waste. Our latest technology enables clinical and medical waste to be processed by our central unit; on-site in a fixed installation, or by our mobile medical waste disposal units.

Our unique process takes clinical waste and process it to reduce the volume by over 70%. Due to our patented technology the end product is inert and suitable for normal landfill sites.

Our process use simple and effective methods backed up with cutting edge technology to offer an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for treating clinical waste.

PIWS offer a range of solutions offering flexible services to meet the waster stream requirements of private individual clinics to pinnacle NHS sites.

PIWS 3000 on site

PIWS 3000 on site

We can install one of our PIWS-3000 On Site facilities enabling you to process the waste yourself. The operation is simplicity itself, with easy to operate ‘1-2-3′ instructions via the touch-screen display.

Customers have the benefit of an electronic report of all waster processed to ensure accurate records for governance and regulatory requirements.

Medical and Clinical waste can also be transported to our central processing station. Here we process the waste in exactly the same, efficient manner as with the on-site facility.

Finally, we can send out a mobile clinical waste processing system to your facility, where we can process the waste for you.

PIWS UK are offering the technology of the future for the safe and environmentally friendly processing of clinical waste. Take a look at our information video; have a look at the information on the site, and you’ll see that PIWS offers the only sensible way to process Clinical Waste.

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